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Office Removals Service - For Convenient And Cost Effective Moving

Office Removals ServiceThere are two way you can approach an office move – either form a committee and let your staff handle it themselves or hire a reputed removal service for convenient and cost-effective moving.

Although forming a committee of staff members to over sea your office move sounds like a swell idea and economical too, the question is, have they done it before? While there is something to be said about their organisational skills, there is also such a thing as experience.

Professional office movers know exactly what to do first, next and so forth. They know how to dismantle equipment, the trick to labelling boxes so it they are easily identified at the new office. They know where to begin and how to proceed. This know-how is invaluable and beats the organisational skill of your staff.

Zoom Business Relocation ( ) provides a range of services to help businesses of all sizes to relocate or refurbish, expand or physically downsize their premises. Each office removal is divided into specific tasks and personnel are allocated to look after each of these tasks.

The entire planning and approach is to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption to the business and its employees. Also, Zoom Business Relocation not only has specialist expertise in the field of office removal, it's portfolio of business removals services are serviced by staff with years of experience in their field.

Zoom Business Relocation also has national operations covering every postcode in Australia and their specialist teams deliver services for home and office removals at local and national level. Indeed, Zoom Business Relocation is committed to quality and this is borne out by the fact that their staff are always under continuous training. They have also undertaken several quality initiatives designed to continuously improve the way they approach and handle office removal and also, on how they can reduce costs and make it more economical for their clients.

Every office removal service is meticulously planned for success. Indeed, planning is the secret to any successful office or business move and it's success also depends on knowing the objectives for your office move. At the initial consultation stage itself, Zoom Business Relocation will aim to understand your goals so that Zoom Business Relocation can customise a proposal that meets all the objectives and goals of your business and your management team.

During a Office Relocation, the staff needs too need to be taken care of. For this reason, Zoom Business Relocation will always plan to make the process of moving your business as easy as possible for each individual and department. The one way Zoom Business Relocation achieves this is by identifying inter-departmental dependencies. Zoom Business Relocation identifies how your departments interact and accordingly formulate a plan that ensures continuity throughout.

So, if you are planning a office relocation, call Moving Services Sydney today for the most convenient and cost effective move.

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-09-18 04:13)

Tags: Business Relocations Office Removals

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Reduce The Burden With Services Of Business Relocation In Sydney

Business Relocation In SydneyWhether you are doing an internal relocation or an external relocation, the one business relocation company and service provider that stands head and shoulders above all others in Sydney is Zoom Business Relocation ( )

An internal relocation happens when a unit of the office is relocated to another part of the office be on the same floor or a different floor of the building. While the employees affected by the move might just put their personal items into a cardboard box and walk the distance to the new location, moving the desk and or equipment and filing cabinets can be tricky. These days with complicated networking cables and protocols in place, dismantling and moving equipment needs careful planning and handling.

An external relocation on the other hand happens when a unit (or several units) of the office are relocated to another place in the office on the same floor or some other floor or maybe even in a different building located nearby or in another town or even State. For example, just last week Zoom Business Relocation moved the customs clearance depart of a client dealing in imports; from their earlier location within the office to a new location which was right next to the Sydney Harbour. This particular department relocation was done to eliminate their travel time and expense of commuting from office to harbour for clearing of imported goods.

Whether partial or a complete Office Removals, these days there will usually be many computers, printers, filing cabinets of different sizes, chairs, tables. A complete business relocation is quite complex. There will be video conferencing systems, conference room items, server room equipments, pantry equipment and furniture and so forth. All equipment, furniture and paper have to be properly packed and tagged so there are no chances of damage during the business relocation and also, no confusion during the unpacking at the new office location. Tiny things like pen drives or data backup drives can easily be misplaced and worse, lost in transit. Your burden can be reduced only through services of professional business relocation like Zoom Business Relocation in Sydney.

Zoom Business Relocation usually conducts an assessment and marks out dependencies and challenges. They have a detailed discussion with you on how the business is to be relocated – whether all at once or in phases. Next, they plan the move taking into account all the objectives and points raised by the client. There is a Packers And Movers Sydney supervisor who coordinates and monitors the move to make sure it goes as planned. Only such meticulous planning and carefulness will eliminate your burden of Business Relocations in Sydney and Australia.

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-09-07 09:00)

Tags: Business Relocations Office Removals

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Tips For Excellent House Moving Solutions With Best Relocation Services

House Moving SolutionsHouse moving can be one of the more stressful events of your life, but an office move may not be as troublesome, although it could present a different type of complexity. Moving your home or office from or to the city involves taking care of a number of things. Here are a few tips for excellent house or business move that will ensure a smooth transition to the new locale with little downtime.

Plan your move well in advance

Whether it is a house move or an office move, plan ahead, well in advance. An office or business move may require at least four to six months of planning, because there are so many details to attend to. You don't want to be caught at a disadvantage in the last minute, so prepare a layout plan and chart out the new space with where men and materials will go. Keep your employees informed so that they can also begin planning for the move at their end.

Hiring the best relocation services early

Unless you're planning to manage the move in-house, it is a good idea to hire the relocation service provider early. The business relocation company needs a detailed listing of the equipment, furniture and machinery, etc. to give you a correct estimate for the move. The removalist company must be hired at least a couple of months in advance so that they get an idea of what is involved with the move. It is important to go with the best relocation services preferably recommended by others who have had a good experience hiring them.

Discard unwanted stuff

Over the years we tend to collect a lot of stuff that may or may not be used. With business establishments it is out dated computers and office equipment that accumulates over the years. Before moving, it is best to dispose off stuff that you are unlikely to find useful in future. This way you will not be paying to transport unwanted things.

Get your employees to be organised for the move

Encourage your employees to start packing their things as soon as possible. Also, their names must be put prominently on their personal boxes so that the movers know where to put them in the new place. In the new premises, name cards must be affixed for the convenience of the movers, according to the floor plan and seating chart.

Business Relocation Services requires the expertise and the experience to co-ordinate various aspects of your business seamlessly and without losing valuable time. Experienced companies like Zoom Business Relocation are well versed with the office relocation process and have the resources and equipment to manage it efficiently. Get in touch at for excellent Packers And Movers Sydney from the best relocation services.

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-08-28 06:30)

Tags: Office Removal Sydney Business Relocations

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Moving House or Office with Professional Removalist Sydney

Moving HouseMoving a business or office can present more challenges than moving a home. Business relocation involves dismantling and re-assembling of office furniture and equipment depending on the type of business being relocated. Although an office move can be managed in-house, it does mean a lot of planning and more importantly, down-time which a business can ill afford. The best option would be to hire the best professional removalist in Sydney to take care of this challenging task of an office relocation.

Relocation is a common event in the life of a business. A smooth and secure move with minimal disruption in work schedules is what every business owner is looking for. Sydney is home to thousands of businesses and there are several professional removalists in Sydney offering office relocating services that include packing and moving huge machinery and equipment from one location to another. Finding a suitable one may not be difficult, although you must look for a few features that make the difference between a smooth move and a chaotic one.

Each business relocation is different as every establishment has different requirements for packing and moving specialised equipment related to its business. For example, a hotel or restaurant relocation involves packing and moving large kitchen equipment like gas stoves, fryers, refrigerators, ovens and serving ware. A hospital move on the other hand would require specialised packing for delicate medical equipment and furniture, etc. Professional removalists Sydney must have the experience and the expertise to cater to the particular needs of the industry they service. Therefore, a comprehensive office relocation requires a tailor-made solution that is especially suited to the requirements of the business being moved.

Moving Services Sydney have the expertise to manage your office move in the minimal possible time. They understand that the more time it takes for the move the more business you lose. The relocation is handled swiftly so that your work schedules are not disrupted too much and your office and business is up and running in a short time.

Zoom Business Relocation is a professional Office Removal Sydney that handles local and interstate office moves. The removalist teams are well experienced in office and industrial moves. Along with state-of-the-art moving equipment, tracking systems and skilled professionals Zoom Business Relocation can provide fast, safe and reliable business relocation services for any type of establishment.

When it comes to disassembly, packing and re-installation of industrial machinery, workstations, computers, electronics and other sensitive office equipment, Zoom Business Relocation takes utmost care and is perhaps the best professional removalist service you could hope for. If there's an upcoming Office Mover on the cards for your company, get in touch with for a quick and reliable service in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-08-16 05:01)

Tags: Office Mover Office Removal Sydney

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How To Find The Best & Professional Packers & Movers In Sydney?

Professional Packers & MoversFinding the best and most professional packers and movers in Sydney or anywhere in Australia can be a challenge – or so most people assume. In reality, identify the men from the boys is quite easy – read on to find out how.

Google reviews, professional packers and movers Sydney. You will notice that Zoom Business and Office relocation services have the most extensive and rewarding reviews proving near 100% satisfaction from past customers. And why not? After all, the standards and policies followed by Zoom Business and Office relocation services are second to none in all of Sydney, Australia. In fact, Zoom Business and Office relocation services have set the bar and standard for excellence across the removals industry in Australia.

Zoom Business and Office relocation services is one of the few removal service providers in Sydney Australia, that undertake pre-employment checks for all their staff. No one with criminal backgrounds of unsavoury history is allowed to join their team. Further more, irrespective of prior experience, all new staff receive extensive training so they understand and meet the exacting standards set and established by Zoom Business and Office relocation services.

In fact, even after joining Zoom Business and Office relocation services, the staff is continually monitored via visual observation by the supervisors who also read customer feedback and satisfaction survey conducted after every job – that's how serious they are at Zoom Business and Office relocation services!! This is what makes them the best and most professional packers and movers in all of Sydney and Australia.

Having to adhere to high service standards, the removers at Zoom Business and Office relocation services, wrap every piece of office furniture and equipment individually. Office chairs and visitor sitting areas often have expensive upholstery. The movers at Zoom Business and Office relocation services protect the upholstery with individual covers. They even go to the extent of packing filing cabinets into large rectangular cardboard boxes – this results in quicker and more efficient move as it dramatically cuts down time required to pack files and then again unpack and set them up at the new location. It's the little things like these that make Zoom Business and Office relocation services stand out and also make them the best and most professional Movers And Packers Sydney.

All parcels and packages are also clearly marked with the office number/name that they came from or which room /name they are going to or belong to. This ensures that you do not arrive at your location or office and find it in total disarray and confusion with no one seeming to know where their equipment is or where their files are or worse, equipment and files mixed up. Thing about it, unless the packers and movers are professional, your staff could end up spending days with not weeks trying to locate and sort out the mess.

The sales staff and supervisor at Zoom Business and Office relocation services will visit your office and a detailed step by step removal plan will be agreed with the business owner making sure everyone knows what is expected and how it will be done. In fact, they insist the plan be put to paper and signed upon so there is no confusion. As they like to say at Zoom Business and Office relocation services, military precision and approach works best.

Whatever be the nature and manner of your Office Removals, you can't go wrong selecting Zoom Business and Office Relocation services. There's more information available at their website here:

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-08-03 06:42)

Tags: Office Removal Movers And Packers Sydney

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Zoom Business Relocation - Name To Provide Superior Office Relocation Services

Office Relocation ServicesNo business owner wants a mediocre service – even if its economical priced. Zoom Business Relocation services understands this well which is why despite the rock-bottom pricing strategy, they continue to offer superior office relocation services that make them the most recommended office relocation service provider.

In fact, the Zoom Business and Office Relocation services are unrivalled in all of Australia and have been specifically tailored to suit all manner of requirements specific to Australia. At Zoom Business and Office Relocation services, they ensure that the entire office relocation process is as stress free as humanely possible, leaving the business owners to free to focus on related issues – such as advertising the move to clients and suppliers.

Few business owners have prior office relocation experience and so are unsure of how to go about it. Having completed a several hundred business and office relocations to date, Zoom Business Relocation services on the other hand, have the entire process standardised and know exactly how to go about it and the sequence in which it is best achieved.

Their procedure results in minimal downtime and stress to your business. A specially trained team works hard to ensure every office equipment and item is packed carefully and in proper sequence so that when the boxes are opened at the new location, the CEO's secretary does not find the computer missing while the store supervisor finds an additional computer installed in his office. With Zoom Business Relocation services, this won't happen. They will not only relocated your office on time, it will be done within budget.

Another reason to why Zoom Business Relocation services is super is because they do not have the concept of hidden fees. Everything is explained up-front and in print. You are not ambushed with dozen extra charges ranging from weekend rates to overtime rates to 'additional load' rates. Zoom Business Relocation services is also proud to be amongst the first in all of Australia to adopt the fair business practice policy.

Zoom Business and Office Relocation services also offer emergency business relocation services. There might be times when your business is affected by bush fires or flash floods or suffer rainstorm damage and you need to relocate or move temporarily. With extensive storage facilities and list of office rentals, Zoom Business Relocation services has you covered. They can either move the office contents quickly to a secure storage facility or, can move it to a new rental location and then move it back when your repairs are done.

As business owner, you can also customise the Office Movers Sydney to your satisfaction. Either move the entire office at one go or, move it piece-meal. Zoom Business and Office relocation service can work with you and complete the office movers Sydney exactly in the manner specified by you.

Whatever be the nature and manner of your business relocation, you can't go wrong selecting Zoom Business Relocations services. There's more information available at their website here:

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-07-25 07:57)

Tags: Office Relocation Sydney Office Relocation Services

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Move Office Seamlessly With Zoom Business Relocation

Office RemovalsMoving an entire office seamlessly is the key objective of every office that requires to move. Like every business move, a office move or relocation too should begin with a plan. Any office that hopes to do otherwise could end up in a mess that they will soon regret.

Appoint a competent person as a Business relocation supervisor

The senior management needs to appoint a competent person (someone good at planning and execution) who will plan and execute the move. This person must not be given any other tasks so that he / she can fully concentrate on the task at hand.

For an office with:

1. Up to 10 personnel, appoint the Business relocation supervisor at least 2 weeks prior to the intended move date.
2. Up to 50 personnel, appoint the Business relocation supervisor at least 3 weeks prior to the intended move date.

And so forth – you get the picture. The more complex the move, the more time that will be required by the Business relocation supervisor.

Call for quotes, visit the new premise

The Business relocation supervisor will call for quotes from business relocation service providers and also visit the new premises to understand the lay of the new office.

Hold meetings

The Business relocation supervisor needs to hold meetings with the current office landlord, premise security, premise maintenance contractor etc. to finalise pre-move and post-move requirements.

An identical meeting needs to be held with the new landlords and premise security, premise maintenance contractor.

A third series of meeting will be required to be held with short-listed Office relocation service providers.

Plan the move on paper

Once the business move partner is selected, hold extensive meeting with them so everyone is clear on what needs to be done and how it will be done. This last bit needs to be put on paper so there is no “I said, he said” confusion.

It is essential to delegate and attach names of personnel who will be responsible for individual tasks e.g. packing. These key personnel if required should in turn sub-delegate. E.g. appoint a specific individual for packing computer equipment. Appoint another for packing filing cabinets and so forth. Involve outside experts where required e.g. electricians, networking specialists, Telecom technicians and so forth.

Inform the public and your clients

Announce your move before the Office Removal Sydney process gets underway. Best way is to insert a few well-spaced adverts in the local newspapers. Place a hoarding with details just outside the current office premises. Include social media and email to propagate the information. Your creditors especially need to be aware.

Only military precision in planning and execution will achieve a seamless move. For more information please visit

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-07-10 06:40)

Tags: Office Removals Parramatta Industrial Removals

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ZoomBusinessRelocation's Exceptional Office Relocation Services for Businesses

Office Relocation ServicesIf you’re a company that needs to relocate their workplace to a more favorable environment but the time and stress that accompanies the process is too overwhelming for you then look no further!

Based in Sydney, Zoom Business Relocation services offers a solution to your problems. We know how daunting relocating an established workplace can be which is exactly why you need our service to save yourself and your employees from that hassle.

Our Services

• A comprehensive office relocation service that ensures a smooth transition to your new work place by managing and organizing your work items
• Relocate anywhere with us in Sydney, Australia
• An expert business move manager that will meet you prior to your relocation and work out the shifting plan with you
• An experienced crew of movers that provide quality work
• Cost-efficient services with the availability of unlimited boxes for the shifting process
• We pay attention to your individual requirement instead of generalizing the process so you get to have what you want.
• Special Business Relocation Services Sydney services to disassemble and reassemble office furniture, tables, chairs and workstations
• Staying true to our name, we offer timely relocations with quick continuation of your businesses and work
• Services to relocate heavy machinery, raw materials or any industrial goods
• Insured safety of your items with no risk of breaking or damaging any office item or equipment during the moving process
• You get to choose the truck/transportation vehicle of your choice from a variety of options
• Streamlined translocation with labeled packaging of your items from your old workplace to unboxing in your new location
• Relocation after normal working hours or on the weekends so your work is never disrupted
• Providing the same workplace environment in your new place so you never feel uncomfortable

ZOOM Business Relocation Professional Business Relocation Company specializes in moving businesses and offices in particular but we also have expertise in other services such as moving households, industrial removals and project management. Our move managing services provide experienced personnel that assist you in every step along the way, from the first-site meeting to reviewing the work after the relocation.

With a well-planned, systemic relocation provided by ZOOM Business Relocation services, we promise you services at the lowest rates without compromising the quality of our service. Whether it is moving heavy industrial machinery or fragile equipment, ZOOM relocates your business speedily and with an insurance of zero damage to your work assets.

So if you’re a company looking to relocate in Sydney, then what are you waiting for? Hire ZOOM now and save yourself from the hassle and, instead, prepare yourself for exciting new beginnings.


Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-05-01 06:48)

Tags: Professional Business Relocation Company Office Removalists South Sydney

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ZoomBusinessRelocation's Managed Office Removal Solutions To Suit Your Business

Office RemovalsRelocating your business can be stressful but with the added pressure of removing offices, it can add to your stress. There are a lot of details to think about when relocating your business, but you do not have to do it alone. ZoomBusinessRelocation can help you every step of the way. They are a well known and trusted company that will help you relocate without a hitch.

So how can you be sure this company suits your business needs? It’s quite simple, they offer different services and accommodate all size businesses. So if you are ready to pack up your business offices to move into a larger space, read through the lists below to ensure you are prepared for the move.

Before you decide to pack up:

• Get a FREE quote using ZoomBusiness Relocation’s website or contact them by phone.
• Have someone from their company take an assessment of your business and discuss removal process.
• Ask if they offer any cleanup services for free or with a fee.
• Make a budget for your relocation move and stick to it.
• Do not try to make this a do-it-yourself project because you will end up wasting more time and money, stick to the professionals.

Office Removal

• Once you have decided to go with ZoomBusinessRelocation, choose a plan that best fits your Business Removals needs.
• The company offers time-based plans as well as fixed rates. If you are a smaller business, it is better to go with a time-based plan.
• Choose a beginning and an end time or date for your move. Allow yourself enough time to get things done in an orderly fashion, no rushing.
• ZoomBusinessRelocation offers liability insurance only until a certain extent if there are objects or materials you are concerned about it's best to take out your own insurance policy for those items.
• If you need to change or are unable to make the scheduled appointment, call the company within 24hrs to let them know of this change or cancellation.

Perks to hiring ZoomBusinessRelocations

• They are a reliable and professional company.
• They have the lowest rates in this business but with extraordinary service.
• Important documents are protected and secured when the office removal occurs.
• With an additional fee, you can have them clean up after the removal process has ended so you can enjoy your new business location.
• They will ensure the whole process from beginning to end goes smoothly.

Moving your Office Removalists Chatswood can feel like relocating to a new home. You want the best service to help you transition smoothly. You also want to make sure that all of your precious items are cared for properly. Choose the best; ZoomBusinessRelocation can offer you piece of mind when you choose them to relocate your business offices.

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-04-24 07:06)

Tags: Office Relocation Office Removals

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ZoomBusinessRelocation' Office Removal Solutions To Suit Your Business

Office Removal SolutionsImagine you've always run your current business from the same location since its start. Imagine also that you've never had to move business before and now all of a sudden, you are forced to move.

Your first instinct is to probably assume that it won't be such a big deal right? After all, you've moved home a couple of times so what could be so different about moving a business?

In reality, the two are very different. If your business has 10+ office employees than your business relocation definitely needs meticulous planning or things could begin falling apart right from the day you intend to relocate.

There are two ways to approach the business relocation problem – either plan it entirely by yourself – recommended only if you have done similar business relocation planning before or, involve experts. Experts such as Zoom Business Relocation

Zoom Business Relocation is the most sought after and most highly recommended business relocation partners in all of Australia. This is not just because of their experience in business relocation but because their whole approach is fundamentally different. For them, a business relocation isn't just another job or project it is something that will be planned meticulously irrespective of the size of the business involved.

To date, no business has voiced dissatisfaction at the way the relocation was handled and if their customer testimonials are anything to go by, all their customers have been uniformly happy.

Fact is, Zoom Business Relocation has handled all jobs ranging from relocation of tiny mom-and-pop businesses to relocating large offices with staff strength in excess of 100!

Zoom Business Relocation services include :

1. After-move services such as office repairs and cleaning so you don't end up with fights with your previous landlord.

2. Complete Pre-planning services that cover not only details of how and when to begin packing, but arrangement to be made with building administration for use of lift facilities and additional parking on day of the move. This will need to be done at existing premises and also at the new premises.

3. Massive storage facilities – This is important especially if the new office is smaller than the existing one or you need to dispose of old discarded equipment and need temporary storage facility before you actually discard the equipment.

4. Local and across Australia! Whether moving a couple of blocks down the road or right across Australia, Zoom Business Relocation has handled them all. Interstate Office Removalists Epping is obviously much more complex than relocating a couple of blocks from the existing location and Zoom Business Relocation experience will come in handy in either case.

5. Affordability – Far from being pricey, Zoom Small Office Movers have a down-to-earth invoicing strategy – one of the many reasons they are so popular.

6. Unlimited boxes (must be returned).

7. Have extensive fine art/delicate material packing experience

8. From machinery for heavy lifting to fleet of multi-axle trucks to GPS systems, they employ the right hardware, have the right equipment and highly trained staff.

9. Why settle for any other than Zoom Business Relocation?

Post by Zoom Business Relocations (2017-03-21 02:43)

Tags: Business Removals Sydney Office Removals Sydney

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